Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Upon approval, affiliate partners will be paid monthly with a minimum threshold of $5.00. Payments will be made by PayPal or Venmo.

Affiliates are allowed to use the Foundations Décor and/or Fancy Pants Designs logo. Affiliates are allowed share and use affiliate links with/for themselves, friends, family, and followers. This includes general posts on social media, advertisements, and bulk email.

Affiliates will be compensated on products only after applicable discounts. Shipping and other fees will not be commissioned.

Affiliates will be required to participate in an ethical way under common business practices. Affiliates will be disqualified for offensive content, negative commentary, adult content, hate material, slanderous or libelous information. Affiliates will also be disqualified for promotion of any violation of copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property. Affiliates shall comply with FTC guidelines. Affiliates shall disclose to consumers that the affiliate is compensated for linking to the Foundations Décor website. Affiliate participation is the sole discretion of Foundations Décor, LLC and may be rescinded at any time for these or any reason. Affiliate holds harmless Foundations Décor, LLC.


We welcome and encourage our customers to use our products in creating items for sale. Please keep in mind that our products, artwork, or designs cannot be used in reproducing or copying our products. You may indicate that the supplies, shapes, or designs are from Foundations Décor, but also please let buyers know that they are handmade or personally created by you.

Foundations Décor is indemnified of liability of your work. You are responsible to comply with any state and local business and tax regulations. Foundations Décor is a Utah LLC and the laws of the state of Utah govern the policy.

And the most important part of our policy: Have fun and build your style!!!

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