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Hi! I’m KC. I’ve been a member of the Foundations Décor team for 3.5 years, and I….. LOVE IT! I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my entire adult life being a part of this great creative community. That’s nearly 20 years! I’m excited to pass along just a few thoughts on creativity.

 Like the boho chic look?Or the more traditional look?

Creativity is essential to our lives. It offers a sense of accomplishment, enjoyment, completion, and yes, even comradery. When teaching craft classes I would always start with one question; “who here, has ever uttered the phrase, ‘I’m not that creative’”? You’re likely thinking that right now!  But I can promise you are Wrong!! 


Every one of us is creative in our own way, that’s what makes us unique. Maybe this definition from Todd Henry’s book The Accidental Creative is my favorite way to explain my thought. “Creativity is simply the ability to engage in any given moment.” Simply being engaged with your craft, yourself, others, even life around you in is an expression of creativity. We’re all creative!


If you ever find yourself feeling less than creative, try changing your routine. For example, get a scrap piece of paper and number it 1 to 3. Now, write down the craziest 3 words you can think of. Walk away for 5 minutes and return to the piece of paper. Now try to think of a sentence using all three words. You’re already changing the way you think and opening up your mind. It’s a simplified version but give it a try sometime. It WILL surprise you!  

Thanks to all of you who support us in our creative journey.


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